Zoozie is the yellow full-bodied whatnot that's one of the Oogieloves.


Zoozie loves pink and sparkly things, and is quite girly. However, this doesn't make her any less of an adventurer than Goobie or Toofie! She can speak any language, even animals! She says "Sparkleiciousness!" and plays the keyboard.

Official BioEdit

Zoozie is a lover of language - all language. She's fluent in every single dialect that exists in the entire world, including both human and animal languages. This comes in handy when she, Goobie and Toofie need to ask directions from a gaggle of geese, or have a question for a chimpanzee. And she may be a fan of pink, sparkles and all things girlie, but she's every bit the adventurer as the boys. Zoozie plays the keyboard, and her favorite word is “sparkeliciousness”.


Zoozie has yellow skin, blue eyes, and pink hair tied into pigtails. She wears two pink bows in her hair, a light pink shirt, and darker pink overalls with a heart on them.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Zoozie is voiced by Stephanie Renz.

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