Midna's true form
Title Twilight Princess
Race Twili
Gender Female
First appearance Twilight Princess
Other media Super Smash Bros. Brawl (as a Trophy/Sticker)
Voice Actor(s) Akiko Koumoto

Midna (True) is a humanoid twili in the zelda series. She is taller than Princess Zelda, Midna possesses red hair, red eyes and a pale complexion from the Twilight Realm. She wears a hooded cloak in similar design to Zant's leading some to believe that this may be some kind of royalty garb. With this, she wears a half-dress that reveals one leg bare, and a headdress (or crown). Strangely, she slightly resembles Veran from Oracle of Ages. Zant turned her into a monster with the orange hair hand with the Majora's Mask.

After Ganondorf is defeated and Zelda is rescued, the Light Spirits revive Midna and returned her form back to the true form where she was normally is after Zant and Ganondorf placed a curse on her. In the ending sequence where the sunsets, her tear begins to float toward the Mirror of Twilight before the glass to the Twilight Realm breaks.


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