Megamind's Species are a fictional race of blue humanoid aliens who appear in the animated DreamWorks movie Megamind. They are now extinct and the last (as well as most famous) member of them is Megamind himself.


Megamind's Species are a sentient race of blue humanoid aliens that conjure several similarities with the Greys. Judging from their large heads, it can be assumed they have a equally big brain and are quite intelligent. Not much is known about their culture, but are shown to be greatly technologically advanced and are caring, loving parents. They are also able to grown facial hair, like moustaches, beards, and goatees, but not in their heads. They are very similar to Gallaxhar's species, and are nowadays extinct because their homeworld was sucked by a huge black hole, being destroyed in the progress.


  • This race of aliens was parodied on an episode of Uncle Grandpa.