"Poseidon: The Musical" singersA. B. C-moreAgent Bubble
Al and IanAlbert FlanAlexandrite
AliensAmethyst (Crystal Gem)Andy and Randy Pig
Annette Bruner ProwerAnunnakiAnything Muppets
AptomArtie and Marty PipkinBarbin
Baxter BuffBaymaxBeaker
Beige FraggleBenderBenson
Benson's FamilyBertBigmouth Fraggle
BolianBonehead FraggleBoober Fraggle
BrioBubbles GumCJ (Regular Show)
Cantus the MinstrelCave's Oldest FraggleChef PeePee
Cherry (Regular Show)Cheryl ClawsChronian
Clem (Whatnot)Colonial Rum Cake RobbersConvincing John
Crash (Whatnot)CrespallionCrypt Zombie
CuiDave (Regular Show)Delfino Police
DingersDoc Quick (Whatnot)Doot-Doot Sisters
Doozer sticksDoozersDr. Bunsen Honeydew
DroopEckle YoungEileen (Regular Show)
Envy (Muppet Show)ErnieFanny (Sesame Street)
Fastest-Drawing FredFeeder ZombieFerengi
Fighting Alloy TeamFighting Wire FramesFishface Fraggle
Flame PrincessFraggle Rock (location)Fraggles
Francesca PiantaFriezaFrieza's race
Gabby BabblebrookGarnet (Crystal Gem)Gary Supernova
Gene the GenieGeneral GrawlGenie (Fraggle Rock)
Genie (Fraggle Rock)/GalleryGerbertGinger
Glar DulamGlimmorianGloat
Gobo FraggleGonniganGorgs
GrazeriteGundalianGus (Whatnot)
Helen HigginsHitmonchanHonkers
Humanoid GalleryHumanoids that are BlueHumanoids that are Green
Humanoids that are PurpleHumanoids that are YellowImps
It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas MovieJake (FAO Whatnot)Jasper (Crystal Gem)
Jeff BawksworthyJeff WhatnotJohnny Fiama
Johnny PasteJoy (Inside Out)Kanassan
Kate MonsterKermit the ForgKing Cold
Kip SupernovaKira SupernovaLady Like
Lapis Lazuli (Crystal Gem)Lem's ParentsLem Korplog
Little Anything MuppetsLittle ChrissyLucy the Slut
Luis Venti (Whatnot)Luncheon Counter MonsterLydia Whatnot
Main PageMarvin SuggsMegamind's Species
MidnaMidna (Monster)Midna (True Form)
Mo FrackleMokey FraggleMonsters
Mr. CookMung Daal (Chowder)Muscle Man
Na'viNeera YoungNicky
Noodlenose FraggleOoze (Resident Evil)Opal (Gem Fusion)
PandoraPearl (Crystal Gem)Peggy (Regular Show)
Peggy Sue (Planet 51)Peridot (Crystal Gem)Philo and Gunge
PiantaPianta/GalleryPlanet 51 Aliens
Pops (Regular Show)Princess BubblegumProfessor Kipple
R.J. PillywagsRainbow QuartzRathbone Fraggle
Reaper HuskRed FraggleRen Krawler
RickyRobot JonesRodney
RomulanRose Quartz (Crystal Gem)Ruby (Crystal Gem)
Sadness (Inside Out)Sapphire (Crystal Gem)Sardonyx (Gem Fusion)
ScooterScorch SupernovaSesame Street Monsters
Sewer ZombieSkiff XounelliusSlowest-Drawing Ed
SmurfsSnorksSofie (Whatnot)
Spring (Regular Show)StacyStarla
Statler and WaldorfStoryteller FraggleSubconscious Guards Frank and Dave
Sugilite (Gem Fusion)SunglassesSunshine Goodness
Super Fairy (Anything Muppet)TabuuTellarite
The Cave FragglesThe Great In-BetweeniThe Lady in the Fancy Bathrobe
The Man in the Sleeveless UndershirtThe Reporter (Planet 51)The Seven Deadly Sins
TiffTrudie TravelerTuff
TvhTwo-Headed MonsterTwo-Headed Singer
Uncle Traveling MattUndead PriestVinnie (Blue Whatnot)
Vinnie (Green Whatnot)VorbWander
Wembley FraggleWhatnot GalleryWhatnots
Wrestlers (Anything Muppets)YautjaZoot

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