This is a list of humanoids that are yellow.

Image Name Universe Type(s)/Species
Annette Whatnot
Annette B. Prower
Muppet Whatnot
Bert smile Bert Muppet Anything Muppet
Francesca2 Francesca Pianta Super Mario Bros. Pianta
Ladylike Lady Like Kirby Unknown
YellowTMM 1 Orange Gold Male Anything Muppet with red nose Muppet Anything Muppet
HispaniolaCrew-YellowPirate Orange Gold Hispaniola Crew Member Muppet Whatnot
Orange Gold Adult Pianta 1
Orange Gold Male Pianta
Super Mario Bros. Pianta
Sushine givemeadream Sunglasses Vendor Super Mario Bros. Pianta
Ton Vin Rocko, Tony (Pianta) or Vinny (Pianta) Super Mario Bros. Pianta
Fumu jump Tiff Kirby
Tuff2 Tuff Kirby
Yellow Alloy Yellow Alloy Super Smash Bros. Unknown
Sirena Yellow Doot-Doot Sister Super Mario Bros. Pianta
Yellow Female Pianta
Super Mario Bros. Pianta
Yellow Female Pianta
Super Mario Bros. Pianta
YellowJalapenoSelectMSB Yellow Male Pianta Super Mario Bros. Pianta
Betweeni The Great In-Betweeni Muppet Anything Muppet
The Man in the Sleeveless Undershirt
Muppet Anything Muppet

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