Fraggles are a noble race - fearless, dignified, and intellectual. They represent the very pinnacle of civilization and culture. A Fraggle is most assuredly the best of all possible creatures. Music is the greatest of the Fraggles’ art forms, but Fraggles also possess uncanny curiosity and great athletic ability. Fraggles naturally have physical prowess and a dance-like grace.
- Uncle Traveling Matt, "Beginnings"

Fraggles are mammals that's one of the three primary species who occupy the regions in and around Fraggle Rock, along with Gorgs and Doozers.


Fraggles are, on the whole, a frivolous lot, interested in fun and frolic and temporary pleasures. Physically, each Fraggle possesses a tufted tail (properly termed the "belubeous"), which flares out when its owner is frightened. Fraggles come in a variety of colors, unlike the green Doozers. Clothing appears to be more or less optional for Fraggles; they wear as much or as little as they wish, though they do tend to wear scarves during winter months. In height, they are knee high to a Gorg, and the Doozers are knee high to the Fraggles. Their diet is dominated by radishes and supplemented by radish-based Doozer sticks.

The issue of Fraggle birth and reproduction is deliberately obscured. Early on, the production team had considered explaining that Fraggles are hatched, and this is reflected in Storyteller Fraggle's dialog in "The Terrible Tunnel." Early on, baby Fraggles are also featured in several crowd scenes. At some point, however, a decision was made not to go into the issue. Thus, in "Wembley's Egg," the Fraggles are confused by the Tree Creature egg, and doubt Wembley's claim that it is "a house for babies." Familial relationships exist among Fraggles, for example Traveling Matt is Gobo's uncle.

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