The Doot Doot Sisters on Sirena Beach.

The Doot-Doot Sisters are an ensemble of travelling street performers and recurring minor characters in Super Mario Sunshine. They are made up of two female Pianta dancers, a yellow one and a pink one, and they are often accompanied by a blue male Pianta with a ukulele. They are well-known on Isle Delfino and are usually surrounded by a group of fans. When they talk, they usually end their sentences with strings of the word "doot" and random variations of it, a habit their fans pick up and replicate.

Super Mario SunshineEdit

The Doot-Doot Sisters are minor characters in Super Mario Sunshine and can occasionally be found throughout different levels, performing their iconic dance. They are not related to any of the missing Shine Sprites or significant for the outcome of any missions.

Locations the Doot-Doot Sisters can be found in include...

A pair of dancers similar to the Doot-Doot Sisters, consisting of an orange and a pink Pianta women, can be found in Pianta Village, often near the Pianta Hot Spring. During episode eight of Pianta Village, five dancers in total can be spotted in the vicinity, along with the Pianta carrying a ukulele. While two of these dancers are pink and yellow respectively, none of them sport any other of the Doot-Doot Sisters' characteristics, making their possible presence an ambiguity.

Names in Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Spanishhermanas DupidúDoo-Be-Doo sisters
FrenchSœurs DadidouDa-Dee-Doo Sisters
GermanTut-Tut SchwesternDoot-Doot Sisters
ItalianSorelle DuduDoo-Doo Sisters

Trivia Edit

  • Contented Pianta NPCs can be heard singing the Doot-Doot Sisters' songs when approached close-up in Super Mario Sunshine.
  • The Doot-Doot Sisters make a minor cameo in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! each time a cup is won.
  • A "Doot-Doot" that sounds similar to theirs can also be heard from the Piantas on the Delfino Square course in Mario Kart DS.
  • The Doot-Doot Sisters appear at the beginning of Goomba's Booty Boardwalk in Mario Party 8.
  • If Mario sprays the musician, he will act like what seems to be a rock star.
  • Contrary to the other versions, the Spanish localization does not capitalize the "sisters" part of their name.