Go straight that way. You can't miss the mess, pal! Your first job's to get rid of all that ugliness. And remember, we'll be watching you, pal. We'll know if you start slacking off.
Watcha gonna do when they come for you

The Delfino Police are two policemen encountered during the events of Super Mario Sunshine. They arrested Mario because they thought he was responsible for polluting Isle Delfino with graffiti, when in actuality, Shadow Mario was to blame. After Mario is put on trial, they order him to clean up all the graffiti on the island, a task which he must complete before he is allowed to leave. The Delfino Police look very similar to normal Piantas, though they wear blue shirts, as well as police caps that have a Shine Sprite logo on them. The officers are blue and orange, and the blue one has a mustache.

Near the beginning of the game, when Shadow Mario tries to kidnap Princess Peach and Mario chases him, they run right by the Delfino Police, who seem oblivious to this; for the entire course of the game, they still think Mario is responsible for the graffiti and tell him not to slack off.

A possible third police also appears in the game, he wears the same kind of blue shirt and looks like the blue police (without glasses) and wears a blue "detective-hat". He can be found near some wanted-posters and later during the game he talks about taking them all down as he think they are not needed anymore.

Pianta police

The possible police talking to Mario.