Benson character

Benson Dunwoody, better known as Benson, is a red male anthropomorphic living humanoid gumball machine who appears on the animated Cartoon Network series Regular Show. He is the manager of the park as well as the boss of Mordecai and Rigby. He is prone to anger (to the point where he becomes red when angry), and is usually quite bossy and somewhat strict. He was a former drummer for a band called Hair to the Throne and is an expert at stick hockey. He had a crush on his next door neighbor Audrey, but as stated in the half-hour special The Real Thomas, they broke up. He is the tritagonist of the show. He is voiced by Sam Marin.


  • An early/prototype version of Benson made a appearance in 2 in the AM PM.
  • In The Dome Experiment Special, it is revealed that his last name is Dunwoody.
  • Benson is similar to Iago from Disney's Aladdin
    • They both red and has an hot temper.
  • In the episode Cat Videos, it is revealed that he has a cat.
  • In the episode Hello China, he is a teacher.