Artie and marty pipkin

Artie and Marty Pipkin are two male humanoid whatnots who are the producers for The Mario Nuts Show, starring Lucky the Duck and Sparky the Pool Cleaner. In episode 207 of Muppets Tonight, they try to get Clifford to host their show. After watching the show, Clifford dubs it as "the most disgusting, depraved, irresponsible, and immoral excuse for a television program I've ever seen." The Pipkin brothers mistake this as an acceptance to the offer and will wait for Clifford on Monday. When they see that Clifford actually refused, they ask Dennis Quaid and Bill the Bubble Guy, neither of whom make the commitment.

The Pipkin brothers really respect people who like Italian suits, banana bread, and money, which is why Artie suggested to Marty that they recruit Clifford in the first place. Marty does most of the talking, while Artie usually repeats a word or more from his brother in response.

When he first meets the Pipkin brothers, Clifford asks if they were from the "place with the fire and brimstone and little demons". Marty responds "You mean the network?" and Artie answers "No, no. Definitely not the network."

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